Zizo Stimela

Zizo Stimela

Sustainability Consultant

Zizo holds a Bachelor of Science Degree Majoring in Environmental Geographical Science and Geology from the University of Cape Town. She also holds an Honours Degree in Geology from Nelson Mandela University and a Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering from Stellenbosch University. For her Master’s degree she worked on assessing the penetration resistance of soils using the Dynamic Cone Penetration rod (DCP) and reinforcing steel bars of different types and sizes.

She has two years of work experience as a trainee graduate geologist at Richards Bay Minerals. She was responsible for planning and managing drilling projects. She supervised drilling contractors and all supporting services. She was also responsible for providing information on the resource estimation and expected mining conditions. She also worked closely with the Health Safety Environment division on mine rehabilitation programs and assisted with identifying, managing and mitigating hazards at the mine.

Growing up in a rural settlement where the livelihood of most families rely on farming has inspired her to pursue a career within Earth Science. She is passionate about educating people from her village about climate change, its impacts and sustainable farming techniques.

Outside of work, Zizo is a fitness fan. She enjoys going to the gym, running and hiking.