Zizo Stimela

Sustainability Consultant

Zizo works as a sustainability consultant at Urban Earth. She has a MEng degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Geotechnical Engineering from Stellenbosch University, an Honours degree in Geology from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, and a BSc degree majoring in Geology and Environmental Geographical Science from the University of Cape Town.

As part of her role, Zizo conducts policy analysis, develops comprehensive strategies to address complex climate change and energy challenges faced in South Africa, participates in capacity-building initiatives that assist municipalities and provincial departments with integrating climate change planning and sustainability into their policies and strategies, engages with clients, and interacts with diverse project stakeholders.

Zizo has worked on several key sustainability projects such as developing gender response measures and strategies to increase the participation of women in the renewable energy sector, drafting climate change response strategies for several provinces, training municipalities on accessing climate/green finance, and supporting the establishment of municipal energy management systems for several aspirant municipalities. Through these projects, she has gained extensive experience in conducting research, report writing, organizing and facilitating stakeholder engagements and providing project management and secretarial support.

As a woman living in a country that is transitioning from a centralized coal-based system, Zizo is passionate about advocating for the meaningful inclusion and fair representation of marginalized groups in the sustainable energy transition. In addition to advocating for an inclusive energy transition, she is also interested in working with policymakers to educate disadvantaged communities on climate change and best practices that they could implement to improve their resilience to the occurring and projected impacts of climate change.

Outside of work, Zizo enjoys spending quality time with her family, reading, and traveling to explore different cultures and ways of life outside of her norm. She remains an inspiration to those who, like her, grew up in disadvantaged communities. Her dedication and hard work serve as an example of what can be achieved through passion and commitment.