Ian Preston

Sustainability Consultant

Ian has a Master's Degree in Commerce (Management) from Rhodes University. Ian's Master's focused on water and invasive alien plant management. Ian has also completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Entrepreneurship) from the University of Cape Town and has a Bachelor's degree in Management (Management Sciences) from Stellenbosch University. 

At Urban Earth, Ian has been active in supporting Durban’s 100 Resilient Cities Programme, which has a strong focus on sustainability, resilience strategies, ecosystem services management and climate change adaption. Ian has provided support to a range of other Urban Earth projects as well, including: The Local Government Climate Change Support Programme (LGCCS); South African Taxi Green Tips; and the Milnerton Coast Erosion Project. Working on these projects, has given Ian the chance to further develop his writing, editing, presenting, communication, time management, and organisational skills. Ian has also has been given the chance to developed new skills such as digital map making and basic HTML coding.

Ian also has experience in sustainability, water management, invasive alien plant management and climate change as a result of the work he did to complete his Master's Degree. His Master's thesis focused on the retrospective analysis of the costs involved in building selected dams and the effect on invasive alien species on water security and sustainability in the catchments of the selected dams. Ian's Master's thesis also looked at the decision-making processes that results in a dam being planned, designed and built. Undertaking a Master's by thesis has strongly developed Ian's writing and researching skills, as well as his communication and time management skills. 

Ian is intrigued by resources management, especially water resource management. He is also interested in invasive alien plant management, ecosystem services and sustainability.

Outside of work, Ian is a keen outdoor and sports enthusiast, who enjoys hiking, mountain biking, squash, tennis, rock climbing, birding and exploring outdoor spaces. Ian is an avid reader and enjoys listening to a wide variety of music.