Practical guidelines for event greening

Submitted by: Margaret McKenzie, Thursday, October 20, 2011

Events, such as meetings and launches, are common activities for many businesses and organisations. They are also good opportunities to signal your organisation’s commitment to sustainability by taking proactive steps to green your event.  

eThekwini  Municipality has just released a concise guideline document for those interested in hosting green events.  The guidelines are aimed at Durban organisations but the suggestions and ideas are applicable to events hosted anywhere.  Despite the small size of this guideline document, it is packed with useful information for event organisers.

The first part of the guidelines provide a seven step process for planning to green your event.  The venue you choose for your event plays a critical role in your ability to green your event, so this section includes a checklist to help you choose a venue.   The guidelines also have a strong emphasis on communicating event greening.  Communication ensures that everyone involved in organising the event understands the greening steps that are being taken and also helps event participants understand their own role in keeping an event green.

The second part of the guidelines has a list of greening interventions appropriate for different scales of events.  This part covers four different types of events:  small scale meetings, launches and exhibitions, conferences and mega events.

The final part of the guidelines provides a list of websites that provide additional information for event greening.

Margaret McKenzie