Plastic company launches SA’s first recycling centre locator app

Submitted by: Tholakele Nene, Wednesday, March 12, 2014

<p>The Tuffy Recycling Centre Locator application allows users to locate their nearest recycling station through the use of GPS technology (Image Source: Simon Duffet).</p>

The Tuffy Recycling Centre Locator application allows users to locate their nearest recycling station through the use of GPS technology (Image Source: Simon Duffet).

Cape Town based plastic company Tuffy has launched a free mobile application aimed at assisting consumers that are interested in recycling to locate their nearest recycling centre. Launched in February 2014, the application is said to be the first of its kind in the country.

How does it work?

The main feature of the application is the GPS recycling centre locator, which includes integration of Google maps to navigate consumers to 215 recycling sites.  The application provides the user with a list of what each site recycles as well as their contact details. The application allows the consumer to search by region.

According to Tuffy representative Simon Duffet, the “Tuffy Recycling Centre Locator” application is free of charge and can be downloaded on iTunes, Google Play and Android stores.

The idea, says Duffet, is that if the application is available free of charge, more South Africans will be encouraged to recycle and this in turn promotes a better environment and creates more job opportunities.

“Hopefully it will get people into a routine of recycling, make it more of a habit, rather than a burden. The more people recycle, the more jobs are created, and at the same time easing the demand on our landfills by diverting this waste to recycling and sorting facilities. Currently I believe the actual percentage of plastic recovered before going to landfill is around 20%, which is extremely low and a complete waste of a reusable resource”.

Encouraging the culture of recycling, diverting waste to recycling centres

Duffet believes that in order to encourage the culture of recycling in the country, we need to develop attractive and easy recycling methods. These methods will help to divert the waste from landfill to the relevant recycling and sorting centres.

“Recycling initiatives will only work if it is made easy for the participant. For example, a two-bag/bin collection initiative, where a company like Wasteplan hands out a free bag and collect the recyclable material once a week, is fairly successful as it makes life easy for the participant. This app (lication) should hopefully do the same thing, making it easy for participants to find recycling locations close to them”, he says.

Through the implementation of the application, Tuffy is hopeful that they will be able to encourage more consumers to recycle their recyclable waste and make a positive contribution to South African recycling rates which currently stand at  19.6%

Tuffy also hopes to include the integration of social networks with the application which will allow people to share their recycling activities with their friends.

For more information visit the Tuffy website.

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Tholakele Nene