New Event Greening Organisation for SA

Submitted by: Jonathan Ramayia, Monday, December 19, 2011

COP17 was recently held at the ICC in Durban and efforts were made to ensure that the venue followed good environmental practice. Interventions like ensuring the venue had energy efficient lighting as well as discouraging bottle water were implemented to make the conference more sustainable. These actions may broadly be referred to as event greening, which is the  focus of the new Event Greening Forum (EGF) . The forum brings together South Africa's 9 key meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE) associations around the issue of event greening and is set to accelerate greening in the events industry in South Africa.

EGF aims to promote sustainable business practices within the events industry with a focus on meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions and events. They aim to be the standard through which event companies work towards in order to have more sustainable events. The EGF offers membership and by being a member you have access to information about new techniques in greening events; resources and case studies; discounts on event greening course and; the use of their logo to prove that you are a member of the EGF (this may be displayed on invitations and programmes).

Before you can become a member, you must adhere to a number of criteria which basically ensures that your event commits to sounds environmental practices across all categories of sustainability, including water, energy efficiency etc. Suppliers and public organisations can also become members.

The EGF is important for your business in three ways:

  1. It provides good resources for event greening so if you undertake events yourself you can make use of these resources available on their website.
  2. More events companies are joining the EGF, and if your company usually outsources events and would like to run greener events you should look out for the EGF logo before you procure your event co-ordinator.
  3. There is a general trend toward greening events and this is as a result of organisations like EGF, so even if you don’t want to become greener, you might have little choice.

Jonathan Ramayia