JSE 100 focus on energy efficiency strategies to curb emissions

Submitted by: Amanda Botes, Thursday, February 16, 2012

The most common Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction activities amongst the top South African companies on the JSE are energy efficiency initiatives, according to the SA CDP 2011 report.

The graph below shows the different emission reduction activities that were reported on by the JSE 100 for the 2011 SA CDP report. The graph shows that 106 companies reported that they are involved in energy emission reduction activities. The reason why the number is greater than 100 is that energy efficiency strategies are divided up into three areas, building fabric, building services, and processes. Companies may implement a building fabric energy efficiency strategy and a building services energy efficiency strategy and so would be counted more than once. The second highest strategy to reduce emissions has been behavioural change within the organisation. According to the JSE SA CDP 2011 report, the focus on energy efficiency initiatives and behavioural change initiatives may relate to their short payback period.

Within the energy efficiency category the greatest number of companies are involved in energy efficiency processes, followed by energy efficiency in building services. See graph below.

According to the JSE SA CDP 2011 report R17.9 billion rand  is reported to have been spent by the JSE 100 on GHG emission reduction activities for the 2011 period.

Amanda Botes