eThekwini Municipality's Open Data Policy: Call for Public Comment

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

EThekwini Municipality’s Office of Strategy Management has commissioned the Research & Policy Advocacy (RAPA) Department to draft the Municipality’s Open Data Policy.  RAPA is currently conducting stakeholder consultations which will assist in the drafting of the Open Data Policy and are inviting the public to submit their views and comments.

Purpose of the Open Data Policy

EThekwini Municipality believes that providing open data about key public services can significantly improve the lives of Durban citizens.  Additionally, global experience has proven that open data results in a number of benefits which include economic growth, job creation, improved public services and a more transparent government. The move to develop an open data policy for eThekwini Municipality has been supported by the eThekwini Council.

Submission of Comments

The public is encouraged to partake in this stakeholder participation process by answering a short online survey. The commenting period closes on the 30th November 2015 and comments are welcome from all citizens regardless of where they reside.

For more information or to submit further comments please contact Prishah Narsai on (031) 311 4267 or by email at:

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